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Friday, July 22, 2011

Froehlich - Williamson Wedding

It was a big day for Kaye Gold Photography, and even more so for a speical couple in Iowa. The saying is true and will always remain true... LOVE is LOVE. Its as simple as that. I had the honor of capturing the special day in Iowa for Ang & Ky - and let me tell you  love was written all over their faces & felt by all who were there. I could preach my opinion but I will let my photos speak instead for they are more powerful than any words. In the end everyone deserves to be happy & to be with the one they love. 
 I will always be honored to be the one that captures those special moments in a couple's life. You can surf over to the website and check out the rest of the pix of Ang & Ky, I will let you in on a little secret - they were and still are a rockstar couple - heaps of fun to be around.  I hope in with seeing their love we begin to support all couple's right to marriage in all 50 states.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sailer Family Portraits

We met at the state capitol grounds of North Dakota, our mission to finally take a family portrait for Mary Jane and Keith Sailer, their family has done some growing with gaining a son, a daughter and let's not forget the arrival of their first grandchild. So oh course they need some new photos on the wall to show off their good looking family and that's just what we did. You will have to head over to the website to check out the pix especially of the little ginger Matilda wow she sure knows how to work the camera, TOO. CUTE. that's for sure.

Oaklee Wolf

 Time is FLYING BY. The last time I saw this little girl she was just weeks old, here she is at 9 months. Meet Oaklee, she loves to soak up the world around her. She's a pretty serious and you can tell she is just taking in everything that she sees and every once in a while flashing me a gramp's kind of smile - you know the kind where you just smile with your face and show no teeth. If you like these pix wait til you see the rest on the website --- start surfing they are totally worth looking at.

Avery Usselman

She's getting bigger and bigger. It wasn't too long ago I was taking Avery's 3 month pix and now her she is 6 months old and still as cute as can be. We are still working on getting her to show her dimples what can I say she already is playing hard to get. In three months time we will try again and I am positive she will show them off then. Til then enjoy Avery's 6 month pix on my website.