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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fischer - Sullivan Wedding

 I had not only the honor of being present for this big day in Derek & Nikki's life but I also got the important and special task of capturing their special day. It was a perfect day - funny how the weather just knows it has to be nice at certain times, this was one of them. Wishing Derek and Nikki a lifetime of happiness and love. For those of you who love to surf the Kaye Gold Website you have already seen that the Fischer - Sullivan Wedding pix are up, for the rest of you - be sure to start surfing the web and when you do be sure to stop by the Kaye Gold Photography Website, it will be worth your time!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Landscoot - Sedler Engagement Portraits

 We met out at the place I tend to hang out and can always be found, Oxbow Country Club. It was the first meeting and I believe the photo shoot when on without a worry or a problem. Jokes were told and laughs were shared. I was honored to take such important pix. So meet Candace and Steve. I am looking forward to Novemeber when I get an even bigger and greater honor - capturing their wedding day. Even Steve was quoted to be said "this wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be." See having your pix can be a fun time after all. Be sure to surf over to the Kaye Gold Website to see the rest of the pix of Candace and Steve, aren't they just a laid back and cute couple!?!?

Wunder Family Portraits

 Meet Drake, Wyatt, Ava and Nash... Talk about cute kids or what!!! Not only are they cute but they are such fun cool neat and nice kids. I wish I lived closer so I could take their photos all the time, huh maybe I can get their mom to meet me half way in Minneapolis (they live outside of Des Moines, Iowa) sometime to get the honor of taking their photos again. Til then I will just have to be excited to share these photos with you. If you want to see more don't forget to surf over to the website to check out the Wunder Family.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Boston Armstrong

 It was a quick little photo shoot - NOT PLANNED or PREPARED FOR. But well you try NOT taking pix of this handsome little fellow.  Meet Boston. He is a man on a mission, he is curious about everything and loves to go off and adventure the world that surrounds him. Thou it was only for a few minutes I believe we got some framers... If you want to see more of this cute little guy surf over to the website.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Stiles - Wolden Engagement Portraits

 On a perfect Sunday late morning I met up with this classy couple - Matt & Katie the place a park in Minneapolis the outcome what of course great engagement pix. I couldn't be happier how these photos turned out - but to be honest I firmly believe they did all the work - all I had to do was snap the photos. I am looking forward to August when I get the amazing honor of capturing their special day, until then I hope you enjoy the pictures we took that summer day in the park. Be sure to surf to the website to see the resst of the engagement pix of Matt and Katie.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sabot Family Portraits

 Look at the cute family I got the honor to snap some pix of at the capitol. Meet the Meet the Sabots!! Brooks, Lindsey, Nate and Natalie. What a fun late morning it was with these four. Lots of smiles and laughs were shared and I believe fun was had by all right Brooks!! I better even Natalie would agree. After your done reading this blog head over to the website and see more of the Sabots!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Taylor Goldmann

 It's okay and highly suggested that you oooh and awww over this little peanut. You might have to put up with some bragging when talking about this photo shoot - because you see that little baby girl in the photos is my niece, Taylor. It took a lot of convincing (ok maybe none at all) to get her parents to say yes to me having the honor of taking her 1 week pix. We had a blast taking them and fun was had by all until little honeybee decided to pee all over her auntie - a quick change by the both of us and we were back at snapping. Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I did taking them. Don't forget to surf to the website and see the rest of Taylor's one week photo shoot.

Luke Koch

 Check out this little porkchop, meet 5 month old Luke. By looking at him and esp holding him he doesn't look 5 months nor does he weigh like he is when your holding him. Can you believe he is already wearing 12 to 18 month sizes for clothing... I can do a little bragging here because this little man is my cousin. He is the youngest of four and has three older sisters.  He is laid back and just loves to watch the chaos that surrounds him. Most of the time you can find him with a huge smile on his face.  The rest of the photos from our session can be found on the website even his sister Sharlotte jumped in for a few shots. Enjoy.

Taylor's FIRST EVER Photo Shoot.

 I decided that this little Mollman Grandchild needed her own special blog post, because not only is this sweet little girl a Mollman Grandchild she is also the very first Goldmann Grandchild making this little bundle of joy my niece {insert bragging}. I am honored to introduce you to Taylor Jean Goldmann! It was a special afternoon because not only did I get to spend time with this peanut - this day also marked her first photo shoot and guess what... I got the honor of capturing it!! So here are a few, isn't she just perfect!!?!?  She was a rockstar and a complete natural just days old and she already seemed like she was a pro, many many more photo shoots to come OF COURSE. The rest of the photos are already uploaded to the website the indoor session shoot are in the editing process and will be posted SOON. So check back.

Photo Shoot with the Mollman Grandkids

 A couple of Saturday's ago I jump in the SUV with my mom beside me and headed to South Dakota. Where we met up with my sister-in law's side of the family. My mission to take photos of all the grand-kids of Greg and Bonnie Mollman. A total of seven, Allison & Cruz, Keira, Chevelle & Abel, Avery and the newest addition Taylor. The photo shoot didn't go just how we had in mind with a sleeping baby and a not so well toddler but in the end I believe I captured some frame worthy keepers. So I introduce to you the Mollman grand-kids. The rest of the day's shoot is already upload to the website.