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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tolosky - Lenzen Wedding

 I must admit I felt quite honored to capture the I DO's between Lisa and Ross. How could I not I spent my high school days with these two - no they weren't high school sweethearts then BUT how cool is it that in the end their love story found each other. It was a pretty much perfect day - both bride and groom just at ease leaving you with the feeling they were fully and completely confident in vowing their lives to the other. It was seen in their calmness in their smiles and in the way they simply looked at each other. You could see and feel the love they have for each other. Doing my job was quite easy I will say I mean how could it not be with two beauties for a bride and groom. You think these pix are something wait til you see the rest - I was right wasn't I youcan even see the love they have for each other thru the pix - when they have that look for each other I could just snap and snap pix after pix those are my favorite pix to take. So do yourself a favor and surf to the website to see the rest of Lisa and Ross's special day of I DO's.!!! CONGRATS MR. and MRS. LENZEN !!! I am beyond happy for the both of you.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Goldmann Baby Portraits

 My little pea is now 6 months, and I have you know she is looking more cute with each photo shoot I have with my little niece. I am sorry for you - who aren't family - having to put up with these bragging posts and endless pix of Taylor. I wish I could say its because she's the first - grandchild  - child - niece in my family of the Goldmann Clan however I am pretty sure it will always be like this, so you will just have to suffer thru it YET I know it won't be that painful because she looks soo stinking cute... I dare you not to surf to the website and see the rest of her pix and I double dare you not to fall in love with this little bundle of joy...TRUST me I know its a dare you will lose.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Brown - Weiler Wedding

 On a fall day I spent the day with the big honor of capturing Bobbi and Mark's special day of I DO's. There were a few road blocks the groom's shirt being the wrong size - people not showing up on time to name a few but this bride and groom remained cool and under control. Laid back and at ease with a great attitude nothing was going to ruin their wedding day.  Being around heaps of brides and grooms I can honestly say this was one of the easiest wedding I have yet to do - everyone just at ease and having fun. Its couples like these two you see what this day is all about... LOVE. VOWING your LIFE to another. Bobbi and Mark kept their focus on what this day meant and just enjoyed it no matter what it brought. And I will say it ended up being pretty close to perfect with a few stories to look back on and laugh... Here are a few pix from their day - surf over to the website to see more if you like - even in the pictures you can tell how relaxed they are.  CONGRATS Mr. and Mrs. Weiler!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mollman - Campbell Wedding

 It was a perfect fall day for Molly and Bryan to say I DO... a country bride in deed she was and all I can say is WOW about the bride and groom's pix... I will say its the most photos I have ever taken at a wedding but I just couldn't help myself... it was like a country wedding photo shoot not just well a wedding... it seemed staged to me like models were here taking pictures not a bride and groom actually saying I DO.  If you think these pix are something you will be left speechless when you see the rest... even I will brag about this wedding. Mr. and Mrs. Campbell THANK YOU for the honor for capturing your special day...CONGRATS!!! and to the rest of you out there surf over to the website and see the rest of the pix from the Mollman - Campbell Wedding it will be sooo worth it.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Placek - Olson Wedding

 Meet Ashley and Darron Olson... I got the great honor to capture their day of I DO's. What a great day and what a great couple. The day was picture perfect and everyone seemed to be having fun - laughter could be hear and smiles could be found on faces all day long. On a side note thank you, Darron for serving our country - seeing you happy and in love is a double bonus you surely deserve it. Congrats MR and MRS... your pictures turned out great if you like these you gotta check out the rest on the website.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hoffner - Sommer Wedding

Michelle and Jody said I DO... Its so just simply nice to see people happy. To see them in love and just simply smiling and laughing. With this couple thats what you saw...what you still see... Happiness. It was a honor to be the one who captured their special day. The groom has known me well prolli since I was a newborn -he use to take me cruising in his truck...I might have had a bit of a you blame me he sure is handsome isn't he...His bride is beautiful too...Its a must to check out their pictures on the website go on and do some surfing to Kaye Gold.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Koch Family Portraits

 Here are the Kochs...Travis. Jill. Sabrina. Sadey. Sharlotte and Luke... What a zoo crew they are but oh what a great family they are. I am pretty bias because they are family and because well I call their home my home when I am in North Dakota. Its always life with these guys never a dull moment and I think that's just how life is suppose to be. We had a blast shooting in downtown Fargo and better yet we even got great pix of everyone...this is unheard of when you are dealing with an active family. And best yet Jill and I didn't feel the need to strangle anyone - so that's always a plus. We topped the afternoon off by eating pizza at Spicy Pie - with that as a reward who wouldn't want to get family pix taken?? If you like these you need to check this picture perfect family out on the website. Talk. About. CUTE.

Koch Baby Portraits

 Luke is now 9 months and growing...ok he may be closer to 10 if you want to be exact. He is quite the little man these days...If you guys need a reminder...I live in his basement well not his basement but his parents' basement when I am in ND for wedding photography season. So he knows this photographer and her camera very well. Getting him to giggle smile and laugh comes somewhat easy when thats what he seems to be doing all the time anyways. He doesn't quite look like a baby does he - ya he is more of a toddler than a baby getting into everything - moving and active as can be even during his photo shoot... and that shirt he is wearing its size 2T... ya he's not such a baby at all...he's a little man... If you like these pix you need to see him hammin' up the nikon for me on the website.

Bakkum Family Portraits

 Things have sure changed all for the better - I grew up and went to school with Emily now wife to Nick and mom to Evie...So I was pretty honored to take the Bakkum's family pix for 2011. What a great time we had taking pix laughing and walking the downtown Fargo. Catching up with old friends that have been in your life since well forever is the best even better when she has a little girl that is soo stinkin' cute to take pix of-so if you think these are cute its a must to see the rest.

Steffes Baby Portraits

 Meet Landry Steffes it was just awhile ago when I had the honor of taking her Mommy and Daddy's I DO's and now here she is...I believe BISON is in her blood with Mom and Dad NDSU all-stars. She's a little bit of a star herself... She already rocked her first photoshoot. Its a must to check out the rest of her newborn shots. Cute as a pea that's for sure. Welcome to the world Landry!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Weisbrod Baby Portraits

 Meet Nolan... what a ham isn't he... Nothing better then a quick photo shoot while shooting a wedding. This little guy's said I DO... she was the talk of the day but not all the attention went to the bride, not with a nephew like Nolan. Its a must to check the rest of his pix out. We didn't have a lot of time but some how still walked away with some keepers.

Weisbrod-Albers Wedding

 I made my way to LaCrosse Wisconsin to have the great honor of capturing Mr. and Mrs. Albers special day! The drive was totally worth it to be the one to take their wedding pictures. A young couple both with love written all over their faces. Even thru the pictures you can see the love they have for each other. If you like these pix on the blog wait til you see the rest... you know the drill. Congrats to the new Mr. and Mrs.!!!