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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Brown - Weiler Wedding

 On a fall day I spent the day with the big honor of capturing Bobbi and Mark's special day of I DO's. There were a few road blocks the groom's shirt being the wrong size - people not showing up on time to name a few but this bride and groom remained cool and under control. Laid back and at ease with a great attitude nothing was going to ruin their wedding day.  Being around heaps of brides and grooms I can honestly say this was one of the easiest wedding I have yet to do - everyone just at ease and having fun. Its couples like these two you see what this day is all about... LOVE. VOWING your LIFE to another. Bobbi and Mark kept their focus on what this day meant and just enjoyed it no matter what it brought. And I will say it ended up being pretty close to perfect with a few stories to look back on and laugh... Here are a few pix from their day - surf over to the website to see more if you like - even in the pictures you can tell how relaxed they are.  CONGRATS Mr. and Mrs. Weiler!!!

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