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Friday, September 23, 2011

Helbling Baby Portraits

 A perfect Fall September day gave me the honor to snap a few pix of this little doll. Meet Sarah... We spent the afternoon getting her to strike a pose... if you ask me I think she just might be ready for the catwalk.... as long as there are alot of goldfish crackers to feed her to get her to do just what you want. Good call on the snacks Sarah's Mom and Dad. If you like these pix you know the drill surf to the website or if its just too much click the link on the right.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Koch Family Portraits

 Fresh off the summer of 2011 check out this hip cool and totally cute family of four... THE KOCH'S. What  fun time we had bumming around downtown Fargo snapping pix laughing and best of all taking in lunch at Spicy Pie... YUM YUM that pizza is so good. Granted I may be a tad bit bias during the summer months I take up the living quarters in their parents' basement and they are stuck having me as their cousin. So bragging rights I think do apply. Its a must to surf to Kaye Gold and see the rest of their pix trust me their faces will bring a smile on your face... I should know they bring one to my face each and everyday... I was just honored to be the one that got to capture these moments. Enjoy...

Goldmann Family Portraits

 So here she is again Taylor, you know this little one the one I like to brag about, because well she's soo darn cute and prolli the main reason is I am this little bird's Auntie. So of course I have all the rights to go on and on but I have a better idea I will let the pictures speak for me. So head over to the website and check out why this little one has captured our hearts.  I don't think I will ever get tired of taking her photo. She is already the perfect model, thanks for the great honor Paul and Shonna.

Johnson Baby & Family Portraits

Meet Kinley Johnson. The newest member of the Ryan Lynette and Peyton Johnson Family. I got the honor of snapping some pix of this little girl, it was quite the honor since I spent a few years coaching with her mama. I think she is going to be quite the baller when she gets older if you ask me. Until then I know she is going to be surrounded by love happiness and much laughter. If you think these pix are cute you need to surf over to you know where and check out the rest.