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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tolosky - Lenzen Wedding

 I must admit I felt quite honored to capture the I DO's between Lisa and Ross. How could I not I spent my high school days with these two - no they weren't high school sweethearts then BUT how cool is it that in the end their love story found each other. It was a pretty much perfect day - both bride and groom just at ease leaving you with the feeling they were fully and completely confident in vowing their lives to the other. It was seen in their calmness in their smiles and in the way they simply looked at each other. You could see and feel the love they have for each other. Doing my job was quite easy I will say I mean how could it not be with two beauties for a bride and groom. You think these pix are something wait til you see the rest - I was right wasn't I youcan even see the love they have for each other thru the pix - when they have that look for each other I could just snap and snap pix after pix those are my favorite pix to take. So do yourself a favor and surf to the website to see the rest of Lisa and Ross's special day of I DO's.!!! CONGRATS MR. and MRS. LENZEN !!! I am beyond happy for the both of you.

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