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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Koch Family Portraits

 Here are the Kochs...Travis. Jill. Sabrina. Sadey. Sharlotte and Luke... What a zoo crew they are but oh what a great family they are. I am pretty bias because they are family and because well I call their home my home when I am in North Dakota. Its always life with these guys never a dull moment and I think that's just how life is suppose to be. We had a blast shooting in downtown Fargo and better yet we even got great pix of everyone...this is unheard of when you are dealing with an active family. And best yet Jill and I didn't feel the need to strangle anyone - so that's always a plus. We topped the afternoon off by eating pizza at Spicy Pie - with that as a reward who wouldn't want to get family pix taken?? If you like these you need to check this picture perfect family out on the website. Talk. About. CUTE.

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